Soccer vs. Futsal: What’s the Difference?

Futsal is a fast-paced, exciting small sided soccer game, it is widely played across the globe and is even recognized by FIFA and UEFA. Each team is made up of 5 players and is typically played on a field about the size of a basketball court. There are no walls like with indoor soccer, and is played with touchline boundaries.

Futsal places emphasis on technical skill and ability in a high pressure situation. Futsal can be an excellent tool for learning soccer competencies that can be used in both indoor and outdoor soccer.

Differences Between Soccer & Futsal

Although Futsal and Soccer have various similarities, there are quite a few differences as well, the most common differences include the following:


  • A #5 ball is used.
  • There are 11 players per team.
  • A large goal is used.
  • Ball is thrown in after exiting the bounds.
  • There is a main referee and two assistants.
  • Time is kept on a referee operated running clock.
  • Halves are 45 minutes long.
  • There are no time-outs.
  • Goalkeeper kicks ball back into play.
  • Offside rules enforced.
  • Goalkeeper has 4 steps to get ball back in play.
  • Unlimited Fouls
  • All side tackling allowed.


  • A #4 ball with less bounce is used.
  • There are 5 players per team.
  • A 7v10 goal is used.
  • Ball is kicked in after exiting the bounds.
  • There is a main referee and one assistant.
  • Time is kept on a running clock.
  • Halves are 24 minutes long.
  • Each team has one time-out per half.
  • Goalkeeper kicks ball back into play.
  • No offside rules.
  • Goalkeeper has 4 seconds to get the ball back in play.
  • 5 Foul Limit
  • Only no contact side tackling allowed.

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