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Sr K to Grade 8

More Skills – More Play – More Fun – More Confidence

SoccerGenius Skills Development Leagues are a game changer – for soccer players, coaches, and families alike. The Skills Leagues offer a positive, athlete-centered alternative to the traditional competitive and recreational soccer experience.

We design our skills leagues for development, for soccer and for life!

Our development-focused curriculum progressively introduces and practices the skills needed to play great soccer – and have a great life! We introduce appropriate skills at the optimal time, while our “co-ompetitive” approach rewards creativity, imaginative play, and beautiful soccer.

Help Your Child Maximize Enjoyment and maximize playing time with a ball-intensive environment. We use small-sided games, like 1v1, 3v3, and Futsal to increase high-quality ball touches and individual player engagement.

And, thanks to our beautiful indoor soccer facility here in Calgary, play time isn’t curtailed by weather.

SoccerGenius Skills Leagues Offer High Quality Skill Development and High Quality Fun

Together With the Convenience of Regularly Scheduled Practices and Games to Meet The Needs of the Modern Family

At SoccerGenius, qualified adults teach the skills, rules, and knowledge for great play

Then We Get Out of the Way So Kids Can Play!

Kids say they want to shoot, use tricks, throw, score, and save. This is exactly what SoccerGenius gives them.

Traditional soccer programs too often limit who can kick, use tricks, throw, score, and save by keeping kids on the bench, playing ‘stars’, and making kids play in only one position that helps the team win. This eliminates the fun and joy of play for kids.

What’s Included in All Skills Leagues?

Our Skills Leagues are held ‘in-house’ at our indoor soccer facility in Calgary and feature 4-8 teams with small roster sizes to maximize personal improvement, participation, and fitness.

We include all technical and skill training from professionally qualified coaches. That’s right, there are no extra fees for “academy” or “tech training”. SoccerGenius offers some of the best technical skill development in the world and it’s included for all our players


In addition, the soccer Skills Leagues include:

  • Regular set scheduled days, times, and location
  • Positive learning environment and athlete-centered instruction
  • Clear, timely, and professional communication from staff
  • Guaranteed equal playing time for all players
  • Tournament play on-site and special events (like parent game day)
  • Practice and game day jerseys
  • Positive Life Skills Learning – like respect, teamwork, honesty, and gratitude.
  • Calgary’s Premier indoor grass facility for all practices and game play
  • Guaranteed Skillful Fun!

Safety First!

SoccerGenius is dedicated to player safety and does not teach or allow heading of the soccer ball by children under 15 years of age. Your child’s brain is far too important to risk injury.

Learn More About Our Safety & Injury Protection


Format & Schedule

SoccerGenius Skills Leagues are designed following national and international standards for the proper ratio of practice and game play. All grade 2-8 Leagues run on a 3:1 ratio of practice to game play. All programs in this age range have 2 ‘practices’ (development sessions) one week and then a practice and game the following week.

This format maximizes skill learning and helps prepare players for the application of the skills on game days.

Choose The Right Skills League For Your Child

Our goal is to provide a flexible program that is right for your child. The following age groupings are guidelines. Some children will be better suited to playing and learning in a program outside their age group. We can help you find the program that is right for your child.

All programs qualify for optional monthly or full payment of fees. They also qualify for the Child Fitness Tax Credit.

Skills Discovery

5.5 year - Grade 1
  • 5.5 year – Grade 1
  • 55 minutes – 1 or 2 times/week
  • Format 1v1 and 2v2 play
  • Evenings and weekends available

SoccerGenius Skills Discovery helps young players enjoy a positive and supportive introduction to the ‘formal’ world of soccer while enjoying the social benefits of playing with others. Skills Discovery combines instructor-lead skill building with 1v1 and 2v2 game play. Simple game rules enhance understanding and maximize playing fun.

Children learn kicking with different surfaces, running with the ball close control, introduction to ‘skill moves’ and basic passing concepts. We also focus on a positive life skill for character building each week.

What a great way for children to discover their own ‘SoccerGenius’!

We recommend 2/week for maximum skill development.

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Skills League

Grade 2 - 3
  • Grade 2 – 3
  • 60 minutes – 2 times/week, Seasonal and Sept-June options
  • Format 2v2 and 3v3 team play
  • Co-Ed Monday 6-7pm, Saturday 1:30-2:30pm
  • Wednesday 6-7pm, Sunday 1:45-2:45pm

The Skills League Grade 2-3 program is designed to give young athletes a strong foundation in ball mastery, soccer movement patterns, and basic rules as well as 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 game play.

The Skills League gives new and experienced soccer-loving kids a place to accelerate their quality play while developing personal life skills related to self-confidence, leadership, responsibility, respect, and compassion.

We recommend the Sept-June option for maximum skill development.

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Futsal League

Grade 4-8
  • 85 minutes – 2 times/week, Seasonal and Sept-June options
  • Format 5-a-side team play
  • Co-Ed Thursday 6:00-7:25pm, Saturday 2:45-4:15pm

Putting Fun, Skill, and Positive Adult Coaching and Leadership back into team play for kids going through the ‘fun’ transition from childhood to early teenage years.

SoccerGenius Futsal Development League for grades 6-8 is designed to accelerate player’s skill, teamwork, fun, and game play ability. It also provides pre and early teens the much needed positive support, understanding, and encouragement to grow and develop into the amazing individuals that they are.

Futsal is the international game of indoor soccer – and is an amazing way for players and teams to develop high quality passing, movement, and decision making. The game emphasizes control, face-paced play, and lots of scoring opportunities – which all youth players love!

Team games are held every second weekend to provide the valuable social and age appropriate competition that this age group loves.

We recommend the Sept-June option for maximum skill development.

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