Safety First

Everyone’s Health and Safety Matter
Safety & Injury Prevention with SoccerGenius

At SoccerGenius, we understand that among the many aspects of youth sports, player safety and injury risks trouble parents the most. Concussions in particular are worrisome and a growing concern. (Charles, our owner, has had 6 in his life and is particularly tuned into the long-term health concerns of concussions and head trauma in sport).

We understand that brains at young ages are developing. Children’s necks are relatively weak and their heads are large relative to the rest of their body. Children and youth also suffer longer than adults do from concussions, and may never fully recover.

At SoccerGenius we address safety and injury prevention right from the start by:

Having a “NO HEADING” rule until age 15 years, and then only under limited instruction and guidance

Having a “NO SLIDE OR SHOULDER TACKLING” rule, one of the key safety features of both our Skills Leagues and Futsal programs

Teaching ball takeaway techniques that emphasize patience, intelligence, and non-aggressive skills that result in ball possession and stand-up play

Training our staff in sports specific first aid

We want you and your child to feel safe, confident, and secure knowing that their experience at SoccerGenius will produce a positive health outcome.

And children deserve nothing less!

SoccerGenius follows the Concussion Protocols of both the Canadian Paeditric Society and the HEADS UP / CDC – Concussion in Youth Sports Initiative.

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