Our 5 Favorite Books About Sports

Our 5 Favorite Books About Sports

There are quite a few worthwhile youth sports books available that focus on athletic development, parenting and coaching advice. Here is a good compilation of some of our top picks:

Books on Positive Leadership

Author: Sam Weinman

Written by a prized sports journalist, Win at Losing features tales ranging from the world of sports to politics. Weinman also discusses how some of the greatest achievers of the modern age lost their grip, and how they turned life’s setbacks into motivational inspirations for future endeavors.

Author: Sam Walker

An experience sports researcher, Walker uncovered a common theme among the greatest 16 sports teams of all time, they all had an unconventional and highly impactful leader. Positive leadership works as the adhesive that bonds strong teams together. This is a must, go-to guide for coaches who want to recognize leaders and develop positive leadership in the key players on your teams.

Author: Michael Calvin

Based on countless hours of interviews with coaches and professional players, No Hunger in Paradise chronicles the journey to a life in professional soccer. Calvin illustrates behind the scenes happenings and the kinds of pressures that young athletes endure. This book also discusses the child stars that shine and fizzle out.

Youth Sports Books for Athletes

Author: Julie Foudy

Julie Foudy is an Olympic and World Cup winner. For 13 years she served as the captain of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. Foudy has crafted an excellent sports book for teens. Choose to Matter discusses positive leadership in an easy-to-ready format that teen athletes will enjoy.

Author: Joshua Medcalf

This sports book for kids is an entertaining tale about the setbacks, obstacles and ongoing struggles that a young basketball player faces throughout his journey to greatness. Pound the Stone covers lessons learned through failures, vulnerability and how to define success. This book is a fast, easy read that is worth the time.