Balancing School & Sports

Another school year is right around the corner which means another sports season as well! But how exactly is your child supposed to get good grades and keep optimal performance on the field? There are many things that you and your child can do to ensure their schedule doesn’t get too full and things don’t get too stressful.

Children that are involved in sports typically have practice, traveling, and games to fit into each week. And, for most of those children, schoolwork is probably the least exciting thing on their schedule. With good time management skills and planning, you can ensure your child has enough time to balance both school and sports. Some tips on time management include:

  • Get a planner and mark down scheduled times such as school, practice, games and even traveling. This will allow you to see how much time is left in your child’s schedule.
  • Bring study materials while traveling. This will allow your child to utilize time that otherwise may be wasted.
  • Plan a schedule at the start of each week. This can reduce stress and allow your child to manage time properly each day.
  • Avoid procrastination. Procrastination can lead to additional unneeded stress. Be sure to follow the weekly schedule and allot the right amount of time to complete homework and study.
  • Use weekends to get ahead on schoolwork. If your child knows they have a busy week coming up, utilizing extra time on the weekends can help ensure they don’t fall behind.

As your child plans out their schedule and learns to manage time, they will most likely realize how much availability they still have which can help reduce stress. Worried your child might be getting stressed over their obligations? Here are some warning signs that your child is getting burned out:

  • A drop in academic grades.
  • No motivation to do homework or study.
  • No motivation for practice or games.
  • A poor attitude with sports or academics.
  • Excuses to miss school, practice or games.

If you notice any of these warning signs, it may be time to look over your child’s current schedule and decide if they have the time to manage both sports and an education.

Balancing school and sports requires work from both parents and children, but with proper communication and planning your child can excel academically and physically!