adult drop in futsal

Adult Drop-In Futsal 

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Adult Drop-In Futsal 

Adult Drop-In Futsal

For People That Just Love to Play!

Adults 25 year +

Tuesdays 8:30-10:00pm All Year Round.

Are you looking for a great place to play with friendly people and a relaxed, fun atmosphere?

Then come join us for some SoccerGenius Adult Drop-In Futsal at our indoor facility here in Calgary.

“I love that there’s lots of action and touches of the ball with little time spent standing around. All the skills of soccer are covered. All the drills have an appropriate level of challenge, and you always have the option to challenge yourself further if you wish. All around, lots of fun and a great workout. I look forward to the sessions every week.”
-Ryan L.

“I’ve become more confident on the ball and take more time to pass. My skill has improved in a short period of time, and my confidence in my game has also increased.”
-Natalie H.

Here’s what our Drop-In program is all about:

  • For adults who just want to play, enjoy the game, and connect with others who want the same
  • Respect, Fun, and Skill focus
  • Guaranteed Equal Playing Time – Every time.
  • Non-violence: no shoulder tackles, no slide tackles, or physically aggressive
  • No referees, no league standings, no tracking of scores and no prima donnas
  • The benefits of regularly scheduled play times and dates at our awesome “no rai-outs or field closure” Futsal Centre

SoccerGenius Drop-In is not intended for:

  • Constant “blast the ball”, “win, win, win”, “I’m fulfilling my dreams of turning pro” or generally aggressive styles of play
  • Team practices or team vs team friendly matches


  • 30 spots available for each drop-in session. 6 teams of 5 players each. We play a variation of “Brazilian King’s Court” – the winning team stays on the field but then must win the next game by 2 goal difference. If they win again, then they must win the following game by a 3 goal difference.
  • Free flowing play following our “SoccerGenius Futsal Rules” (no 2nd penalty spot, for example).
  • There are no referees and play is based on the RESPECT & NON-VIOLENCE STANDARDS of SoccerGenius.
  • We supply reversible pinnies for all players.

Drop-In Fees

We offer 10 and 20 session pre-paid packs to increase you savings (and your play).
Pre-Paid Pack cards are kept at reception to help you track your use.

  • Single Session


  • 10 Pack PrePaid

    (one free session)

  • 20 Pack PrePaid

    (three free sessions)

How To Register For Weekly Drop-In

SoccerGenius drop-in players (including prepaid pack players) must register by joining and RSVP’ing through our MeetUp group. Prepaid pack players can RSVP for several weeks in a row.

Once you’ve joined the MeetUp Group then be sure to RSVP for the weekly games.